Heating elements & Power resistors

Heating elements & Power resistors AUREL The market for heating elements is vast and currently dominated by wire wound resistor technology.

AUREL is offering an innovative alternative realized on stainless steel or alumina substrates, in planar or tubular shape that can lead to applications not realizable up to now.


  • Low thermal mass: quicker heating, energy saving
  • Capability to generate flat elements: direct heat to food or water, thinner construction
  • Capability to select and control Resistance and TCR: better performance and control
  • Potential to integrate additional functionality: more compact design
  • Rapid design and flexibility: low investment and start-up cost

Thick film on Steel

Heating elements and power resistors are realized printing on Stainless Ferritic or Austenitic Steel Substrates, an electrically insulating, but thermally conductive, ceramic dielectric layer.

On this are subsequently printed conductive and resistive layers to obtain the desired resistor and power capability values.

  • Base material: AISI Serie 300 ; AISI Serie 400
  • Power density: up to 100W / cm2
  • Dielectric strenght: > 1250 Vac @ dielectric >75µm
  • Max surface temperature: 400 °C
  • TCR: 300 – 3.000 ppm/°C

Applications: due to the mechanical and thermal properties of the steel, these heaters are particularly suited for: kettles, boilers, coffee machines, analisys instrumentations, plastic moulding.

Thick film on Ceramics

Using standard thick-film technology and materials it is possible to obtain high power and non-inductive resistors realized on a high dielectric strenght substrate.

  • Base material: Al2O3/AlN
  • Power density: up to 100W / cm2
  • Dielectric strenght: > 15 Kv/mm
  • Max surface temperature: 450 °C
  • TCR: < 150 ppm/°C

Applications: due to the high dielectric strenght and chemical resistance these resistors are particularly suited for: chemical analysys, high voltage and power applications, rf non-inductive dummy loads.

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Heating Elements & Power Resistors

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