High concentration photovoltaic receivers

high concentration photovoltaic for solar cells Concentration photovoltaic is the more recent evolution of solar systems and is foreseen as the most convenient solution to produce energy from installations in the most sunny places in the Planet.

Concentration solar panel is concentrating solar rays on a specific receiver; now, most installations are using parabolic mirrors with linear structure, suitable for an unidirectional alignment to the sun, cheaper to implement.

Also, a receiver pipe is employed, where a fluid can flow to accumulate further energy as heat in specific heat reservoires.

AUREL can apply several technologies in relation to the receiver concentration level.

Concentration photovoltaic benefits

  • Active area of photovoltaic element extremely reduced;
  • Very low demand in raw material usage;
  • Best energy collection, using a solar tracking system;
  • Best efficiency ratio now available from different solar technologies;
  • Industrial development with low capital investments;

Concentration cell efficiency is dependant on employed technology and assemby techniques.

Efficiency and operatonal life of cells are strongly affected from factors as: dimensions, concentration uniformity and thermal dissipation.

Equipments for concentration solar components assembly

  • Work cell for CPV or HCPV assembly. Optical parts, components and connection placement and curing;
  • X-Ray machine for AXI Voids detection after soldering or glue deposition assembly steps, where photovoltaic cells are placed on substrates;
  • Automatic lines for substrates, IMS and DCB screen printing. Deposition of conductive resins, solder pastes, thick film pastes
    Vacuum, UV or IR ovens can be integrated.

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