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14 – 16 March, 2017

Very Fast High Power Multichannel Transceiver up to 1Mbps – 78 channels

Long range transceiver XTR VF 2.4 HP/H-AI is pin-to-pin compatible with previous model XTR VF 2.4 LP

XTR VF 2.4 HP/V (650201340G)It representing an extension suitable to reach a RF output power (ERP) increate up to 20 dBm (compared with the 4 dBm of the XTR VF 2.4 LP).

In this way it’s possible to cover in open space outdoor conditions, a radio link of 200 meters. Radio transceiver embeds an integrated PIFA (Planar Inverted F Antenna) antenna.

In case the final application needs to use a battery powered device, and a very low power steady consumption, XTR VF 2.4 HP/H-AI is fully compatible simply by providing some additions to the firmware.

XTR VF 2.4 HP/V (650201340G) – DatasheetUser manualDoC
XTR VF 2.4 HP/H (650201341G) – Datasheet – User manualDoC
XTR VF 2.4 HP/H-AI (650201342G) – DatasheetUser manualDoC
XTR VF 2.4 HP/H-AE (650201353G) – DatasheetUser manualDoC


New LoRaTM modules

transceiver modules for long distance communication with LoRa® modulation

Half-Duplex transceiver for long distance communication with LoRaTM SSM modulation, able to ensure high immunity level against the interferences and a reduced energy consumption.


Long range transceiver up to 3 Km

Half-duplex transceiver for long distance communication up to 3Km

Long range transceiver up to 3 KmRTX-LONG-RANGE radio transceiver half-duplex, offers improved performance, as such as longer RF range up to 3 Km, operates in European band 869,4÷869,65 MHz free licensed with no government taxes.

The high sensitivity level (-118 dBm) joined with its typical ERP (500 mW) can assure a budget-link around 145 dB, improving communication distance of 4-5 times better compared with traditional 10 mW LPD devices.

RTX LONG RANGE (650201374G) – Shortform – User Manual – DoC

1/2/4 channels 434 MHz transmitters with keeloq encoder

1/2/4 channels 434 MHz transmitters with keeloq encoderAUREL SPA leader into “LOW POWER” RF devices developed a new generation of handheld transmitter for the license free 433 MHz ISM Band.

The RF keyfob transmitter with SAW filter oscillator used HCS Keeloq® encoding and is available as 1,2 or 4 channels (push button combination) versions.

Standard color used for the enclosure is black or white. Protection bumper in solid plastic or polished chromed metal. LED aperture on the cover indicate the transmission. Closing by one screw.

As well as a glowing in the dark frame, cool, funny and useful: it catches the sunlight and releases it in the dark.

Last but not least on demand a “TX-Copiatore” hand held transmitter (keyfob) with up to 4 buttons working in 433 MHz is available. This special transmitter offers the function to learn and use the code from other remote controls (fixed code type or the fix part of a HCS rolling code Transmitter).

Ideal for application as door/garage door, car alarms, home alarm Systems, access control, remote control systems

Compatible with RX-4M HCS.

new2 TX4-RP-HCS 433 N (650201421G) – Datasheet
new2 TX4-RZ-HCS 433 N (650201400G) – Datasheet

1-2-4 channels 434 MHz AM keyfob transmitters with HT12E encoder

1-2-4 channels RF transmitters with SAW filter oscillator.

1-2-4 channels 434 MHz AM keyfob transmitters with HT12E encoder

RF transmitters with SAW filter oscillator, ideal for remote control applications. High efficiency and low spurious emission.

In compliance with European Normative.

TX12E-1TC-433 (650201365G) – Datasheet
TX12E-2TC-433 (650201366G) – Datasheet
TX12E-4TC-433 (650201367G) – Datasheet

2.4 GHz Wireless Safety Edges for Gates, Shutters, Doors

Transceiver module in the 2.4 GHz bandwidth for the management of the safety edge.

XTR-SE-24The module is configurable or as a master (mobile part of the automation) or as a slave (fixed part of the automation), through an external pin.

The power supply is in between 1.8 and 3.6 Volt.

Single in-line module with dimension approximately of 51 x 25 mm, with an integrated PCB antenna or a UFL connector for external antenna.


XTR SE 2.4 (650201322G) – DatasheetUser Manual

The best network for Home Automation

The best network for Home Automation

RFTide™ is a 868 MHz wireless mesh network especially developed for Home and Building automation, with the aim of easy configuration, low consumption and flexible protocol.

You customize the network the way you like… don’t let others decide what you need! …continua


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