Very Fast High Power Multichannel Transceiver up to 1Mbps – 78 channels

Long range transceiver XTR VF 2.4 HP/H-AI is pin-to-pin compatible with previous model XTR VF 2.4 LP

XTR VF 2.4 HP/V (650201340G)It representing an extension suitable to reach a RF output power (ERP) increate up to 20 dBm (compared with the 4 dBm of the XTR VF 2.4 LP).

In this way it’s possible to cover in open space outdoor conditions, a radio link of 200 meters. Radio transceiver embeds an integrated PIFA (Planar Inverted F Antenna) antenna.

In case the final application needs to use a battery powered device, and a very low power steady consumption, XTR VF 2.4 HP/H-AI is fully compatible simply by providing some additions to the firmware.

XTR VF 2.4 HP/V (650201340G) – DatasheetUser manualDoC
XTR VF 2.4 HP/H (650201341G) – Datasheet – User manualDoC
XTR VF 2.4 HP/H-AI (650201342G) – DatasheetUser manualDoC
XTR VF 2.4 HP/H-AE (650201353G) – DatasheetUser manualDoC


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