Rain Capacitive SensorAUREL collected an experience of more than 40 years in the development and production of sensors based on thick film technology.

Thanks to a dedicated technical laboratory and to thick film automatic production lines, AUREL offers to the customer a tailor made projects including technical specification analysis, hardware development, realization of prototypes and of course a massive production with functional and electrical dedicated tests.

Today AUREL is proud to offer a quick answer to the following line of products:

  1. Rain Capacitive Sensors
  2. Pressure sensors
  3. Proximity Sensors
  4. Flooding Sensors
  5. Temperature Sensors

Application for rain capacitive sensor

AUREL has developed a capacitive rain sensor, component able to notice the presence of water on its surface.

It’s realized on ceramic substrate and thanks to its sensitivity area is able to change the capacity depending on the ratio water accumulated on it.

The technology (glassy coverage of substrate) guarantees high reliability due to the great stability of the support and the inalterability of the surface “sensitive”, also after cleaning with solvents and/or heavy external conditions of employment.

It has been screen printed a double layer of a dielectric material for giving an higher immunity against weathering problems.

Moreover in presence of the water, the capacitance goes to high values compared to dry conditions and the ratio changing is over 400%.

On the back side of the capacity sensor it is available a NTC temperature sensor with a nominal resistance value of 100k Ohm at 25°C.

The NTC components can be used to monitor the environment temperature and to control the heater against hard environmental condition as frost and dump deposits on the capacity area.

For the NTC component values refer to EPCOS/TDK P/N: B57471V2104J062 datasheet.

Rain sensor application

  • Control Systems in Home Automation: awnings, venetian blinds
  • Irrigation systems for agriculture  & monitoring
  • Weather stations
  • Control systems in industrial automation

NOTE: It’s possible to receive the capacitive sensor with cabling and connector, under customer request

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